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The Goon'>Goon is a comic book series created by Eric Powell in 1999. The story is about the adventures of the Goon'>Goon, a muscle-bound brawler who claims to be the primary enforcer for the feared mobster Labrazio. The Goon'>Goon (and his sidekick Franky) often get tied up in other machinations, often in relation to the evil zombie gangs under the command of the Nameless Zombie Priest.
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The series has a distinctly paranormal slant, with the average story concerning ghosts, ghouls, skunk-apes with an unnatural hunger for pie, extradimensional aliens, and mad scientists. Though the story is set in the US, it is not set in a named locale and rarely references any real-world people or events. It also takes place in an undefined period of time, with discrepancies including cars from the earlier half of the 20th century but more contemporary refernces such as Frank from Blue Velvet.

The Goon'>Goon was first published in 1999 by Avatar Press. Powell was unhappy with the quality of the Avatar comics, so he stopped handing in new material and waited for his contract to expire. Once that happened, he was unable to find another publisher, so he moved into self-publishing in 2002 with Albatross Exploding Funny Books. These self-published issues caught the eye of DARK HORSE Comics, who approached Powell by telling him that they didn't know why they passed on the book, and in 2003 publication of the Goon'>Goon moved to DARK HORSE.

After DARK HORSE Comics published issue #18, The Goon'>Goon went on hiatus to allow Eric Powell to work on Chinatown, a graphic novel which tells more of the Goon'>Goon's backstory.

Main characters
Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.
The Goon'>Goon: An orphan raised by his Aunt Kizzie, a strong-woman for a carnival. When wanted gangster Labrazio made the carnival his hiding place, Goon'>Goon snuck into his trailer after hearing about the man's viciousness. Labrazio showed the young Goon'>Goon a book containing the names of his enemies, people who had done him favors, and people who owed him money. Finally the police came to take him in. In the resulting shoot-out, Goon'>Goon's Aunt Kizzie, while trying to protect the Goon'>Goon, was gunned down by stray bullets from Labrazio's firearm. When Labrazio dismissed Kizzie as a "stupid broad" for doing so, Goon'>Goon killed Labrazio in a rage. Figuring the late gangster owed him something, Goon'>Goon took Labrazio's book (and the man's hat) and took over the entire operation, collecting money and offing deadbeats, all the while insisting that Labrazio was still alive and the Goon'>Goon was merely his "enforcer."

The Goon'>Goon is a Hulking figure, normally wearing brown pants, a white shirt, and the hat he removed from Labrazio. Occasionally he wears a faded blue shirt with green stripes on the sleeves--the uniform from his football days. The left side of his face is horribly scarred by mysterious circumstances (often hinted at as having occurred in a place Goon'>Goon wants to forget, "Chinatown," potentially referring to similar events in the Roman Polanski neo-noir of the same name). His eyes are blue, with the scarring on the left side of his face rendering his left eye blind. He has brown hair.

Franky: After killing Labrazio, the Goon'>Goon met Franky, a cowardly kid who was continually picked on by bullies. They became fast friends after the Goon'>Goon beat up a kid who tormented him. The Goon'>Goon involved Franky in his criminal business, setting out to burn down a barbershop which refused to pay protection to the Goon'>Goon. During the arson attempt, they were attacked by Zombies. Franky, not believing he could, killed a zombie in self-defense, at which time he underwent a change in personality, adopting a haughty "tough-guy" persona similar to the Goon'>Goon's and taking up the position of the Goon'>Goon's right-hand man. Franky normally wears brown pants with suspenders, a white shirt, and a brown fedora on his bald head. Franky is unusual among the other characters in that his eyes are drawn without pupils.

The Zombie Priest: Arch-nemesis of the Goon'>Goon, the priest is a mysterious man who dwells on Lonely Street, protected on all sides by his undead hordes. The Zombie Priest (also called The Nameless Priest and other variations) is steeped in the occult, and seems bent on building up his rotting army, perhaps to one day conquer humankind. He is grizzled and almost zombie-like in appearance himself, sporting a top hat decorated by the flayed skin of a face. The priest's chief creations are the greenish animated corpses that occupy much of Lonely Street, but he has also succeeded in reanimating an enormous chimp more than once. He also has the allied support of giant bats and hags and sometimes consorts with a huge, irate goat-god. The Zombie Priest was recently revealed to be a demon creature loosely based on the folk tale "Rumpelstiltskin," who spent a thousand years in hell after a princess discovered his name.
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Buzzard: Former sheriff of an old West town that the Zombie Priest came to. As Buzzard was the only doubter of the Priest's unholy wisdom, he was shunned and became an alcoholic. Meanwhile, the town was stricken by a strange plague that killed people and brought them back to life. After being mocked by the Zombie Priest, the sheriff became consumed by vengeance and rode through the town, slaughtering Zombies and ending up at the Priest's tent with a knife in his hands, threatening to kill him for destroying the town. The terrified Priest attempted to use his necromancy on the sheriff, but rather than turning him into a zombie, it had a reverse effect. He developed an insatiable hunger for the flesh of the dead, which garnered him the name, "Buzzard." He continued his journey to destroy the Priest once and for all. While hunting for the Priest, he saved the Goon'>Goon and Franky from a large horde of Zombies. After telling the Goon'>Goon and Franky his story, he informed them both he was going ot attempt to kill the Priest. Despite protests of the Goon'>Goon, he tried to kill the Priest anyway. When he finally reached the Priest, the Priest sought his Zombies after Buzzard. He attmpted to fend off the Zombies, but when he realized all hope was lost, he killed himself.

Dr. Hieronymous Alloy: A brilliant scientist whose attempts to help the public have nearly all back-fired, one of them landing him in debt to the Goon'>Goon after wrongfully sending one of his murderous robots after him. Alloy turned his attentions to more virtuous pursuits such as destroying Zombies on Lonely Street and defeating a giant Spanish-speaking lizard poised to destroy the city. Alloy has golden, metallic skin--an apparent effect of extensive alchemical research that he conducted. Recent campaigns (caused by the molecular break-down of his body, and ensuing insanity) to annihilate everyone with his robot army have landed him back in prison, where he has decided to stay for his own edification as well as the safety of humanity.

Minor characters
El Lagarto Hombre: Formerly a Godzilla-like monster, after being defeated by the Goon'>Goon he has been reduced to acting as a man-servant to Dr. Alloy. Though his behavior has been curbed by drugs, the second incarceration of Alloy has led to a lapse in his medication and led to a rampage through the more quaint parts of Goon'>Goon's turf. Lagarto speaks Spanish (with little regard to grammar or coherency).

Spider: A giant talking spider who wears a bowler hat. Spider has the rare distinction of being a criminal that the Goon'>Goon dislikes but hasn't killed. He can be seen skipping out on child support, cheating at cards or hustling others at Norton's Bar. He's also the victim of violence from the Goon'>Goon and others, having been beaten mercilessly simply for being a talking spider or owing the Goon'>Goon five bucks.

Momma Norton: The seemingly crazy gypsy mother of pub owner Norton. Though her advice has often aided Goon'>Goon, it usually comes in the form of eccentric behavior.

Norton: Norton is the bald and mild-mannered bartender of Norton's place, the Goon'>Goon's favorite hangout. While of little importance to the story overall, Norton can be depended on for pretty much anything the Goon'>Goon needs.

Lazlo: Lazlo is the green-skinned zombie assistant of the Zombie Priest. He differs from most other Zombies in that he can form complete sentences.

The Mudds: The Mudds are a pair of brothers that work as enforcers for the Goon'>Goon (and Franky for a short time while Goon'>Goon was in prison). They have a penchant for breaking legs for not meeting debt payments (often regardless of when the payment is made). They are rightfully regarded as moronic but brutal, so they have their uses in the world of the Goon'>Goon.

The Psychic Seal: A seal wearing a turban that can speak the future and reads omens, the Seal has made two appearances to date. He speaks in the usual "Ark! Ark!" of seals, but anyone listening can understand him and usually injure him for what he's saying.

Merle: Merle is a Werewolf and part-time gunrunner for the Goon'>Goon. In human form he usually dresses in a vest and beat-up cowboy hat and has brown fur in werewolf form. The Goon'>Goon calls him in from time to time to help out in a fix.
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Mirna: A singer at Norton's Place. She has shown interest in the Goon'>Goon, though he feels that he is too hideous for any woman to be genuinely interested in him. However, she has never shown any signs of duplicitous behavior.

The Unholy Bastards: The Unholy Bastards are a group of juvenile delinquints who first made their appearance with the intention of breaking the Goon'>Goon out of prison. They live at the McGreg Home For Illegitimate, Wayward and Possibly Homicidal Youth. Though they aided Goon'>Goon in his prison break, they have proven to be little more than a nuisance, the Goon'>Goon having no need for kids in his operation.

The Graves: A family of three sickly men (a father and two sons). Each of the three men is afflicted with leprosy, the price the eldest Grave paid for making a pact with the Zombie Priest. They often get beaten or blown up by the Goon'>Goon on their body-snatching raids for the Zombie Priest. Despite being unable to communicate normally, the twins are capable of speaking Hobo, thus saving them from the wrath of the Hobo Jungle's many cannibals.

Willie Nagel: Besides Lazlo, he is the only other zombie in the Goon'>Goon's world to speak English. Willie has more than a passing similarity to Spider since they both wear bowler hats, are scam artists, and hang around the Goon'>Goon despite being constantly abused by him. Unlike Spider, he has actually proven himself useful to the Goon'>Goon, even if it was for a price.

Mother Corpse: Due to Buzzard's and the Goon'>Goon's efforts, the Zombie Priest's corpse fueled army has almost completely been destroyed. As a result, he was forced to turn to magic--namely Mother Corpse--who is capable of birthing hordes of miniature demons that can combine themselves into a larger monster.

Peaches Valentine: This odd character has appeared in several issues (including the Christmas special where he played Tiny Tim). Recogniseable by his 'Chick Magnet' shirt, Peaches is mentally retarded and prone to making messes with his own feces.

Skunk Ape: The Skunk Ape is a large, sasquatch-like monster with a hideous odor. The Skunk Ape is driven to homicidal enthusiasm by the scent of pies (especially blueberry).

Zombies: Zombies are the primary servants of the Zombie Priest. Very few seem to be capable of speaking or performing other complex tasks. Raised by necromancy, they are capable of following orders, though only from the Zombie Priest himself. Referred to by Franky and the Goon'>Goon as "slackjaws."

Hobos: Hobos are the cannibal overlords of the dark forested region known as the "Hobo Jungle." The culture of the Hobo is apparently completely separate from the rest of the world, so far as they have their own language and resemble cavemen more than humans.

Chug-Heads: The Chug-Heads have replaced Zombies as the bulk of the Zombie Priest's army. Products of Mother Corpse, they are small, dwarf-like creatures with large, potato-shaped heads. Unlike Zombies, they are capable of merging into one another to create a larger, more deadly monster.

Miscellaneous characters
Dwight T. Albatross: Dwight T. Albatross is the irate, often intoxicated friend of Eric Powell who has made many appearances in the comic's letter comics, as well as in person at the 2006 Comic Con. Albatross is never afraid to speak his mind and often keeps the Machiavellian madness of Eric Powell in check. Dwight had been arrested for destroying issues of The Goon'>Goon in retribution for his unjust termination at the hands of Powell.

Margaret Snodgrass: Aided in the delay of the issue #18's original story "Satan's Sodomy Baby." At the 2006 Comic Con, Powell's booth carried fan-made buttons declaring "Screw Snodgrass! Demand Satan's Sodomy Baby!" which were given out as a gift to fans of The Goon'>Goon.

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