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Dynamic Forces News for December 29, 2003
New Shot of Halle as Catwoman
by Bob Gough

A new, small pic of Halle Berry as Catwoman in the upcoming film hit the stands last week in the New York Daily News.

The image came along with an article previewing 2004 movies.

--New York Daily News, Superhero Hype

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Batman Filming Details
by Bob Gough

Batman: Intimidation Game will film in Bedford, England’s Cardington airship hangers 40 miles outside of London.

One of the massive buildings is being transformed into a film set, a local wrote Superhero Hype.

Production will also take place at the Pinewood/Shepperton studios.

--Superhero Hype

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Man-Thing Film Impresses Early Viewer
by Bob Gough

A source for Ain’t It Cool News says he was impressed with an early print of Man-Thing, a low-budget film based on Marvel Comics’ horror character.

Reportedly, Marvel Studios exec Avi Arad is making just a few changes to writer Hans Rodionoff and director Brett Leonard’s work, adding a few unifying scenes.

--Ain’t It Cool News, Superhero Hype

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Punisher To Face Kill Bill 2
by Bob Gough

Warning: Spoilers

The Punisher film may compete with Kill Bill Volume 2 when it debuts April 16. Miramax is considering moving the Feb. 20 debut date of Quentin Tarantino’s martial arts film.

That, in turn, may cause Artisan to pick a new date for Punisher, according to Coming Soon.

Meanwhile, Rebecca Romijn-Stamos (pictured above with Thomas Jane) is talking about her character of Joan the Mouse. “Joan's this down and out recovering drug addict just trying to get her life back together,” she told Wizard. “She lives in this shabby tenement building that Frank Castle moves into as he is just getting over the death of his family and turning into the Punisher. He's this mysterious guy doing all this stuff in his apartment and none of us who live in the building can figure out who he is or what it is that he's doing. And I think my character related to him. I identify with him as somebody who just doesn't care about life anymore because he's lost his family and he's drinking heavily.”

She also hinted that she may be up for another Marvel movie, possibly beyond the Punisher and X-Men franchises.

--Wizard, Superhero Hype

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Fantastic Four, Silver Surfer Film Updates
by Bob Gough

The Fantastic Four movie will have a new director named early next year, Marvel Studios VP Kevin Feige told Wizard. Director Peyton Reed (Bring it On, Down With Love) stepped out of the project this fall. The film debuts July 1, 2005.

Meanwhile, "You're going to start hearing a lot about Silver Surfer," Feige added. "It'll be our next big project with Fox after Fantastic Four. We're excited about jumping into it for the same reasons every college kid in the '60s and '70s was reading it. It's a hard-core science fiction, philosophical, adventure movie. Silver Surfer's going to kick some *ss in the next two or three years."

--Wizard, Superhero Hype

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Is Hulk 2 In Trouble?
by Bob Gough

Will there be a Hulk 2? Although the film’s box office gross was disappointing this past summer, DVD/VHS rentals and sales have been brisk. But, a reported insider at Universal says the studio doesn’t want a sequel despite the interest of producer Gale Anne Hurd.

Jennifer Connelly (Betty Ross) also is unlikely to return, the source said.

--Dark Horizons, Superhero Hype

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Smallville’s Clark Talks Superman
by Bob Gough

Smallville star Tom Welling, while pitching his new comedy Cheaper by the Dozen, talked about what, if any, interest he had in portraying Superman in the upcoming feature film.

Welling told NBC's Last Call with Carson Daly last week that he’d been approached by one-time director Brett Ratner about the part. "I actually went to Brett's house in Los Angeles and we sat down and talked about it a little bit, both knowing that scheduling would always be an issue," Welling said.

"Basically, if that movie were to happen, the show would pretty much have to go away, and I don't think that's what anybody wants."

No official replacement for Ratner has been named.

--Superman Homepage, Superhero Hype

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Frodo Grabs Affleck's Paycheck
by Bob Gough

Ben Affleck's sci fi actioner Paycheck earned a disappointing fifth place as The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King continued to reign at the U.S. box office.

Here's the top 10 grossing films for the weekend:

  • 1. The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, $51.2 million.
  • 2. Cheaper By the Dozen, $28.2 million.
  • 3. Cold Mountain, $14.5 million.
  • 4. Something's Gotta Give, $14.2 million.
  • 5. Paycheck, $13.9 million.
  • 6. Mona Lisa Smile, $11.5 million.
  • 7. Peter Pan, $11.4 million.
  • 8. The Last Samurai, $8.4 million.
  • 9. Bad Santa, $4.5 million.
  • 10. Elf, $4.3 million.

--My Way

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Spider-Man 2 Update
by Bob Gough

Warning: Spoilers

Marvel Studios exec Avi Arad talked with Wizard magazine about the upcoming Spider-Man 2 movie.

Regarding Peter Parker (Tobey Maguire), Arad said: "Peter Parker is dealing with his life without Mary Jane. He's a university student now, and he has bigger responsibilities. It's tough making a living. Peter's still searching for a way to be both Spider-Man and Peter Parker, and still have some kind of normalcy in his life."

Regarding Mary Jane Watson (Kirsten Dunst): “Mary Jane is probably the character who's gone through the most personal growth," notes Arad. "She's finally living her dream, and she's become successful. She's acting, she's modeling-she will always love Peter, but she actually has a life."

And Otto Octavius, aka Doc Ock (Alfred Molina): "He's someone that Peter wants to get to know," teases Arad. "Of course, as the story goes along, it all goes to crap after that! It's definitely a dual relationship. And it's not as simple as Octavius starting off good and becoming bad. Believe it or not, he starts off good, and he actually stays good." So what exactly does that mean? "Trust me," laughs Arad. "We did something less obvious than you'd expect!"

Reshoots, typical for big pictures, were done last week on Christmas Eve, Cinescape says.

Meanwhile, a deluxe edition original Spider-Man DVD is on the way some time before the sequel hits theaters July 2.

Also, a first look at toys from the sequel can be found at http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=3166171254&category=2481#ebayphotohosting.

Toys include:

  • -Super Poseable Spider-Man with 46 (!) points of articulation and wall-mountable base
  • -Shoot and Slide Spider-Man with Magnetic Projectile Launcher
  • -Aerial Flipping Spider-Man with Streetlight Accessories
  • -Rapid-Punch Spider-Man with Punching Bag (with J. Jonah Jameson on the front?)
  • -Web Trap Spider-Man
  • -18 Inch Amazing Spider-Man with 69 (!!!) points of articulation and web shooter

--Wizard, Cinescape, Superhero Hype

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Jessica Biel, Triple H Talk Blade 3
by Bob Gough

Triple H told WWE.com that filming on Blade: Trinity wraps in January or February. And Jessica Biel talked about playing vampire hunter Abigail Whistler with Wizard magazine: “I love the action stuff, that's my favorite part of doing Blade: Trinity. It's a blast to come to work every day and not worry about lines and actually think about choreography instead. It's completely different for me.

”Abigail is Whistler's daughter, so she's really mentally strong and kind of a closed-off person because she's had all this death in her family because of the vampires. I think she feels the need to [pursue] a lot of vengeance for her familiy. She's more of a stoic character-but incredibly smart and incredibly able, trained and deadly with her weapons. But she just does her job and moves along. She doesn't take it all in though; she just lets it all roll off of her. There are some vulnerable moments for her, but she's very stoic,” she said.

--Wizard, WWE.com, Superhero Hype

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